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5 wackiest credit card stories in the news

Emily Crone

Between the credit crunch and the prevalence of identity theft, credit cards are frequently in the news. From time to time, however, credit cards result in odd and unexpected stories. Below are five of the wackiest recent credit card stories to hit the press.

1)    Two male college cheerleaders in Utah have been nabbed for identity theft. The 18- and 19-year-old men allegedly stole the credit cards from two unattended purses and spent almost $1,000 at Wal-Mart and several other stores. They are facing 19 felony charges each and have been kicked off the Utah State University cheerleading squad for conduct unbecoming an Aggie.

2)    An Iowa woman has been arrested and jailed for allegedly using a stolen credit card from a past employer to pay for three court fines. Using a stolen credit card to pay court fees doesn’t sound like the smartest idea to me. But hey, you can use your credit card these days to bail yourself out of jail!

3)    It’s bad enough that Britney Spears, our favorite train wreck, has gotten into another car accident. It has been reported that she recently fled a Betsey Johnson boutique empty-handed when her American Express Centurion black card was denied. Was it because she was recently ordered a $1,500-a-week limit on credit and debit card use by a judge?

4)    TMZ provides a list of purchases that appear on Kevin Federline’s credit card bills. Babys ‘R Us and booze. Priceless.

5)    Kurt Cobain’s widow, Courtney Love, says someone used her deceased rocker husband’s Social Security number to buy a $3.2 million home in New Jersey last year, Perez Hilton reports. Love also says thieves have set up 188 — yes, 188 — credit cards in her name. Looks like she could use some legal help.

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  • This isn’t as funny as some of blog stories. But there is a man named Pat that literally freezes his credit cards in a bowl of water. I asked him once why in the world does he freeze his credit cards, and responded with “I am a pretty lazy guy that loves to splurge spend and if I have to take the time to thaw my credit cards out then my laziness kicks in.” Basically he was saying he would never buy anything unless he really needed it because he would have to wait a long time. I thought it was pretty funny that he was telling me that he is too lazy to wait.

  • I’ve actually seen that advice given quite a few times. And it works well for people who are susceptible to temptation. Just don’t use the microwave to thaw it out!

  • Isabel

    I just got off the phone with target. I paid my credit card in two increments, ON TIME, and couldn’t figure out why I had a service charge. Turns out, because I paid early (first increment) a finance charge started to accrue from that date rather than the end of the billing cycle. Is this highway robbery or what?