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This week’s top 10 credit posts

Emily Crone

This week I found oodles of great credit card posts in the blogosphere. I now present this week’s credit card roundup, including a highly interesting piece on secrets the credit card industry doesn’t want you to know:

1)    Zac Bissonnette of WalletPop comes up with an ingenious idea for solving the credit card regulation mess.

2)    Addicted to your plastic? CreditCardPundit provides 10 tips for surviving without credit cards.

3)    Nick from RBC p2p explains the key points in understanding your credit score. He explains the basic differences between credit bureaus, reports and scores, and gives tips on keeping your score up.

4)    Tracy Coenen of WalletPop writes that identity theft can happen to dead people, too, even though there is a system set up to prevent it from happening.

5)    Credit Addict reports that Kroger is offering to add 10 percent to your economic stimulus tax rebate if you swap it out for a Kroger gift card. In combination with a reward credit card, this can mean big savings.

6)    The Consumerist lists five credit card scams you should be aware of.

7)    Gather Little by Little reveals secrets your credit card companies don’t want you to know, but will help you be a wiser consumer.

8)    Free Money Finance features a guest post about how to choose the right reward credit card.

9)    A column from a Wisconsin newspaper explains why it can be beneficial to have multiple credit cards, and provides advice on managing all your plastic.

10)    The Madville Times, a blog highlighting issues in South Dakota, warns consumers of an e-mail phishing scam. Interestingly, my co-worker received a similar attempt yesterday through a text. She was even asked for her PIN number. Remember: Your financial institution will not call, text or e-mail you for your account details.

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  • Thanks so much Emily. I appreciate you including my entry in your Top 10. Also, great round-up. I’ll be sure to check some of them out, as I am soon posting a piece on credit card telemarketers and the potential to be scammed that way.