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TransUnion settlement sign-up period begins

Jeremy Simon

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After some initial difficulty this morning, I signed up for six months of free credit monitoring as part of the class action settlement with credit bureau TransUnion.

listclassaction2.jpgKnowing that the settlement Web site,, would begin allowing registration on June 16, I went online earlier today to opt in for six months of free credit monitoring. But my initial attempt was blocked: I encountered a pop-up window stating that I need to provide a user name and password — neither of which I had.

To find out what was going on, I picked up the phone. During a brief conversation, TransUnion indicated that the problem was on my end (with the credit bureau noting that it didn’t administer the Web site) and probably browser-related. Apparently, though, I wasn’t the only visitor who encountered this issue. When I returned to the site later, the problem had been fixed. Although they didn’t elaborate on what caused it, TransUnion later sent me a follow-up e-mail to indicate the issue had been resolved.

On to the free stuff…


As a credit card user during the time period specified under the settlement agreement, I was able to register for six months of free credit monitoring from TransUnion “and a potential cash payment (if available).” The “basic relief” credit monitoring package includes 24-hour notification of major changes to my credit report, plus free unlimited daily access to my TransUnion credit report and credit score.

My Gandhi-like editor gave up his right to additional money by selecting the option for nine months of free credit monitoring. That means Dan “will not receive any further benefits, including a cash payment,” nor will he “be able to file an individual lawsuit against the defendants.” By choosing the “enhanced” package, in addition to the nine months of credit monitoring, he will also receive a suite of insurance scores and TransUnion’s mortgage simulator service.

Borrowers could also choose the possible cash, with the added option of six months of credit monitoring, while foregoing the chance to file an individual lawsuit against TransUnion.

Readers — which option did you go for? Did the possible cash, the right to file suit or the three added months of credit monitoring determine your decision?

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  • Regardless of your choice, be prepared to wait:
    “If you have registered to receive credit monitoring, you will have six months after the Court grants final approval of the settlement and all appeals are resolved to activate your credit monitoring benefit. If you register for one or more of the benefits provided by this settlement, you will be notified about how to obtain these benefits after the Court grants final approval to the settlement and all appeals are resolved. If cash benefits become available they will not be distributed until at least two years after the Court grants final approval.”

  • Eric Vargas

    I choose the nine-month service…
    Oh, and BTW, I had the same problem this morning.

  • Michael

    From the settlement website:
    “UPDATE: The Court granted final approval of the settlement on September 17, 2008.” If I read this correctly, this means that the 6 months for activation of the free credit monitoring service is ticking. The window will close on March 17, 2009. I registered in June but I have not been notified of any system to activate my benefit. It’s been 3 weeks. How much longer will it take for the attorneys and Hilsoft to set this up?

  • Diane

    I was not notified of this suit and I have a genuine dispute with all of the credit bureaus. Anything I can do?

  • Diane,
    This blog is from over a year ago, so (unfortunately) the deadline has passed for involvement in the class action settlement.
    Perhaps you can share the details of your dispute — either by posting here or by contacting me directly — for any assistance I may be able to provide.