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This week’s top credit card blog posts

Emily Crone

Now that I’m back from Europe, it’s time to resume my weekly roundups. This week’s blog posts will teach you how to embrace a debt-free mindset, equip you with facts you may not know about credit cards and provide a fun list of money movies to watch this summer, among other things. Enjoy!

1)    The Consumerist lists 10 things you might not know about your credit card. Did you know that businesses are not allowed to require a minimum purchase for credit or debit card purchases?

2)    Debt Free Living Guru explains how to get into a debt-free mindset.

3)    Linsey at Wisebread talks about the most wasteful credit card solicitation she’s received yet.

4)    A reader at Free Money Finance has mastered the art of gaining from credit card rewards.

5)    My Dollar Plan provides a 10-step plan for becoming debt free.

6)    Trying to escape the summer heat? Canadian Capitalist provides a list of the best money movies.

7)    This one is from last week when I was out of town, but I really like it — Bible Money Matters discusses whether reward cards are really worth it and gives consumers several ways to avoid reward card pitfalls.

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  • Great roundup. Thanks for the mention!

  • Thanks for the link, I’m glad you enjoyed the article!

  • Ben

    Welcome back! I’m sure you’d rather still be in Europe than writing weekly round-ups 🙂 Thanks for the mention!

  • #1 was a really good article. Learned some things I didn’t know. Real lively discussion in the comments section from that one.

  • Nancy Stevenson

    It is time for Americans to stand up and say no to high credit card interest
    The Govt plan is too late we bailed out the Banks with our money and no one bailed us out .
    Credit Card users have the power to stop paying all at once for one month and then we will get results, Credit card interest should not be higher than Bank interest.

  • You should really do a post on the visa black card. The card provides unbelievable rewards. Now, I know that only 1% of us are approved for this credit card but do we really believe that?

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  • Citibank cardmember schemes

    I haven’t paid my credit card bill during 6 month introductory 0 APR period. How it affects my credit history?