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Former NFL player Duckworth arrested for theft of credit cards, cash

Jeremy Simon

I’d happily continue blogging on topics like gift cards, credit scores and credit card fees, but these athletes are just clamoring for my attention. One ball player after another continues to find himself in trouble for crimes involving credit cards — and I can’t help but feel it’s my civic duty to keep you informed.

bobby-duckworth-mugshot.JPGThe latest arrest nabbed former pro football player Bobby Duckworth, who totaled 82 catches for 1,784 yards and 13 touchdowns during his five seasons in the National Football League. Duckworth’s “good hands” were evidently behaving badly over the weekend, as he was caught snatching credit cards and cash from a woman’s unattended purse at a bar in Fayetteville, Ark., according to a report from the Northwest Arkansas Times.

Based on the version of events outlined in the arrest report, while enjoying some quality time at Willy D’s bar (located near the University of Arkansas, where he played college football), Duckworth decided to sit down at a table to chat with two women. However, Duckworth must not be much of a conversationalist, based on the reaction he received. “A few minutes later, the women left their purses and stepped away from the table to get away from him,” the Times says.

With the purses sitting there unattended, Duckworth apparently made his move before hitting the head. “When he left the table, the two women returned to learn from the waitress that someone had found a billfold belonging to one of them in the men’s restroom, the report states. The victim then noticed three credit cards and some cash missing from it,” the paper says.

The Fayetteville police showed up and took Duckworth into custody. After the police read Duckworth his Miranda rights, he admitted stealing three credit cards and cash from a woman’s purse in addition to possessing the credit cards when officers arrived and throwing them on the restroom floor “in an effort to conceal from police the fact that he had them.”

That clever thinking didn’t get him very far. On Saturday, Duckworth was booked into the Washington County Detention Center on preliminary charges of theft of property, forgery and tampering with physical evidence. Interestingly, that is the same detention center where the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Matt Jones (another former star Arkansas football player) found himself earlier this month on his own card-related crime.

Duckworth — who divided his NFL time between stints with the San Diego Chargers, Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles — is no stranger to credit card crimes. He also faces Washington County charges from May involving fraudulent use of a credit card and “theft by receiving involving a motor vehicle.”

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Extra point — My blog post “ Guys have few credit cards, little debt” made it into the July 28 edition of the Carnival of 20-Something Finances hosted by Dollar Frugal.

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  • THowell3

    How did you resist the temptation to work in “what’s a ‘Duckworth'” …

  • michelle

    Is he broke or what he should be ashame of himself

  • Burl copeland

    Oh man i played against Duckworth in high school’basketball,never though after he made it in the nfl this would happen to him.

  • Las Vegas

    Bobby Duckworth was a very sheltered person growing up. He could have never known what the world had in store for him. I knew that after his
    grandparents passed away, the people that fame allowed him to keep company with would soon take advantage of him. I think he just did not know where to turn once things went bad and he had no money left. Paying lawyers and being sued can get costly. The rape–let’s see, you were at his house, right? What time was it? Why were you there? You didn’t expect anything like that to happen? Bobby, you got caught up! I’ll always love you as a friend.