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Emily’s list: This week’s top credit-card blogs

Emily Crone

It’s time for this week’s latest and greatest credit card-related articles from the blogosphere. This week’s collection includes a warning about a new identity theft scam, an illustrated guide to getting out of debt and a list of 10 ways you can maximize your gas card rewards. Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

1) The Consumerist reports that this fall, eBay will be banning checks and money orders, and people who win auctions will have to use credit cards or PayPal. Do the unbanked really use eBay or will this affect them?

2) Master Your Card discusses a new trend, App-O-Rama, in which people apply for many credit cards within just a few hours to trick the lenders. But is it worth the possible risk to your credit?

3) No Debt Plan shares the unpleasant experience of getting slapped with credit card finance charges and bank fees for the first time.

4) Are you enticed by companies that claim they can repair your credit? Fiscal Liberty lists three reasons to run from those debt settlement companies.

5) While Barack Obama is a gifted speaker, Financial Fitness makes a great point; in his speech at the Democratic convention, he placed all the blame for financial problems on Bush — not on people who spend irresponsibly.

6) The Apostle of the Turtle lists 20 excuses people use for keeping credit cards when they shouldn’t, and lists why those excuses are not valid.

7) Ask Mr. Credit Card warns of a new identity theft scam related to voter registration. Just say no if someone calls and asks for your Social Security number!

8) Gather Little by Little expresses shock that people are using their credit cards to pay their mortgages and explains why it is a bad idea.

9) Yielding Wealth agrees with Gather Little by Little and reveals why the fees of using your credit card to pay your mortgage will negate any possible rewards.

10) No Credit Needed has created a handy, illustrated guide to the steps of getting out of debt.

11) The Digerati Life provides a list of the top 10 ways you can maximize your gas credit card.

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