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Emily’s list: International Talk Like a Pirate Day edition

Emily Crone

It’s not just another Friday. It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and in keeping with the spirit of the day, this week’s collection of the personal finance blogosphere’s best will have a pirate theme to help you keep your loot and find some buried treasures.

1. The Digerati Life features a guest post that explains how to recover from a major credit card impulse purchase. We’ve all been there! You’ve just got to get the right piratitude!

2. You’ve heard of signing up for credit cards in exchange for a T-shirt, gym bag or pizza — but for just a soda? If you’re going to sign up for a card, make sure you get some serious doubloons from the deal. A Consumerist reader snapped a picture of this new low.

3. No Debt Plan discusses whether credit card merchant and interest fees are what pay for your credit card rewards. Is it really just a redistribution of booty?

4. Tough Love Money gives his take on credit counselors: They are all basically one big collection agency collecting plunder for the credit card companies, he says.

5. The Apostle of the Turtle recounts a recent experience in which his credit card was reactivated without his approval, and tells what he learned from this. That’s like getting hijacked on the high seas!

6. Not Cheap, Fiscally Concerned explains why it’s wise to keep your business credit cards separate from your personal ones. Mingle them, and you could lose an arm and gain a peg leg.

7. Credit Addict wonders if a new and startling statistic about how many credit cards Americans own could really be true. Find out if you’re above or below parrrrrrr.

8. There’s buried treasure in Ask Mr. Credit Card’s advice on how to reverse charges on your credit card.

9. On a Quest to Be Debt Free provides an action plan for cleaning up your credit. Swab that credit report, matey, and you’ll avoid a rough patch!

That’s my crew for this week. Enjoy the day.

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