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Criminal Charges: Volume XIII

Jeremy Simon

Just in time for Halloween, I’m bringing you the lucky 13th edition of my ongoing look at dumb, outrageous and horrifying crimes committed involving credit cards.

No tricks below, just treats, including stolen women’s undergarments, a thief who gets left behind by her getaway driver and a Lego employee who tries to re-sell stolen toy blocks on eBay.

Panties, plastic stolen from Maryland apartments
A Maryland thief targeted his victims for more than just their credit cards — he was after their undies, as well.

Brian Hong allegedly broke into at least nine apartments in an Ellicott City, Md., complex looking for jewelry, cash, laptops and women’s unmentionables. “Police say in many cases, entire underwear drawers were cleaned out,” reports “In at least two cases, victims reported seeing Hong peeping through windows. In another case, police believe he stole a car after breaking in.”

Before police caught up with and arrested him, Hong was discovered using a victim’s credit card at an Exxon station in the same county where he committed his crimes. Police obtained a search warrant for his home, where many stolen items were uncovered.

His panty raids landed Hong in a laundry heap of trouble, with the alleged thief facing charges including burglary, theft, car theft and two counts of being a peeping Tom.

Criminal speeds off, leaving fellow fraudster on foot
A crime duo’s shopping spree came to an abrupt end when the driver made a getaway, leaving his partner in the dust.

Hurst was arrested after being left by her partner-in-fraud
Source: Collier County Sherriff’s Office blog

While her unidentified male friend sped to safety, Charisse LaJean Hurst was arrested and charged with possession of counterfeit credit cards and fraudulent use of a credit card in Naples, Fla.

According to a sheriff’s report, the pair tried to make some purchases from several stores at the North Naples mall using fraudulent credit cards. When the man’s $2,700 purchase at the Louis Vuitton store was declined due to his falsified credit card, “the man hurried out of the store and drove away in a white Ford sport utility vehicle, leaving Hurst behind,” Naples Daily News reports. “Hurst left the mall on foot, heading east across U.S. 41 North into a drug store parking lot.” Deputies located her soon after at a nearby restaurant, where she was arrested.

With one fraudster caught and the other still on the run, there goes any chance the duo had at dressing up together for Halloween in a horse costume.

Block-headed employee sells stolen Star Wars Legos on eBay
A former Lego employee used her corporate credit card to buy more than $16,000 worth of the colorful toy blocks and then sell them on eBay. Linda Hegarty, of classily named Belchertown, Mass., was charged with first-degree larceny on October 6 and will appear in a Connecticut court on Oct. 28. for the alleged scheme.

“According to an affidavit supporting Hegarty’s arrest, police began investigating the matter in June when they were contacted by a human resources official from Lego’s North American headquarters,” reports Journal “The official told police that Lego officials received a call in April from a man who told them he was a reseller of Lego products on eBay and had recently bought a Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon product on eBay, the affidavit said.” After seeing the Falcon’s lower original price listed on an enclosed Lego “Shop at Home” division packing slip addressed to Hegarty, the man called Lego to find out how he could pay less for the item.

The official told police that Lego does not sell its products on eBay.

Upon further investigation, Lego officials found 15 other Millennium Falcon-themed items that licensing coordinator Hegarty had charged to her company credit card, according to the affidavit, with more than 600 total items sold on eBay between 2002 and 2008 under the username “Spaceleprechaun.”

“An affidavit says Hegarty told officials she committed the acts because she was overwhelmed with debt,” reports She was fired in May, the affidavit says.

Sounds like her next move could take the Spaceleprechaun from Lego blocks to cell blocks.

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    Here is whats really dumb….printing a “story” without even knowing the facts……The story presented was no where near what really happened. People and especially the media need to focus on the important news, like murders, rapes, etc…..get a life Jeremy!!

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