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Fed and the credit crunch out-news Miley Cyrus credit card flap, 2-1

Daniel Ray

You would think that in the middle of the great credit crisis that threatens to hurl the world into a catastrophe, the Federal Reserve — smack in the middle of the fight to prevent said hurling — would be just about the biggest news on the planet.

fed_news.jpgAnd it’s pretty darn newsy. Just take a look at how many news stories there are listed in Google News — a whopping 1,625 as of today at 4 p.m. Central.

Rest assured, Ben Bernanke and all the gang over at the Fed, that you are nearly twice as important as the other big credit news of the day.

Miley Cyrus, the perky teen star of “Hannah Montana” fame, this week had her credit card confiscated due to overuse by her mother/manager Leticia! For six whole months! OMG!

miley_news.jpgAccording to Google News’ story count, there have been a little more than half that many stories written about this calamity — 856, as of today at 4 p.m. Central.

Let’s see, the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac contributed oh, say, half of the credit mess we’re in, so if my math is correct, one Fannie plus one Freddie equals one Miley.

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  • Becca

    what do you mean stepmom, letica gave birth to her, so i think that is not a step mum, get your facts right you dumb journalist!!

  • You are absolutely correct, I have fixed the mistake.