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189th Carnival of Personal Finance: Super Bowl edition

Emily Crone

189th Carnival of Personal Finance: Super Bowl edition

Like a double reverse leading to a flea flicker or a safety’s responsibility in two-deep coverage, personal finance can be tricky and complicated. In honor of this weekend’s Super Bowl game, Taking Charge has assembled a team drawn from dozens of the best players in the personal finance arena, for the football-themed 189th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. Take the ball and run with it!


Editor’s picks

These are the MVPs of this week’s carnival. No word yet on whether the post’s scribes will yell, “I’m going to Disney World!” when they get the news.


Frugality and the Super Bowl aren’t often closely associated, but you can change that. offers tips for having a frugal Super Bowl party.

SpendingSpending: 189th Carnival of Personal Finance

Still shopping for a ticket to the game or just a cheap flight down to Tampa? Be careful. As with any big game, plenty of scammers are out there, trying to make a killing off of people who just want to see their favorite team play.

Money management

They say time is money, and time management is always crucial in the Super Bowl. Making sure you make the most of those final seconds can be the difference between winning and losing. Just ask the New York Giants, who scored the winning touchdown in last year’s Super Bowl with just 35 seconds left.

Credit and debt

No doubt many people have gone in debt after betting on the Super Bowl, which is traditionally as much a part of the big game as overblown commercials, watching parties and wardrobe malfunctions. (By the way, if you’re interested, you can even place a bet on which team will call the first timeout.)


Careers are made and undone in Super Bowls. The best example: Buffalo kicker Scott Norwood, who missed a last-second kick that would have won Super Bowl XXV for his Bills, and has since become synonymous with failure to come through at crunch time.

Saving and investing

Football players earn a lot, but they had better save and invest wisely, since most will never see the same kind of payday after retirement.


Many sports leagues have begun to feel the effects of this bad economy, seeing slow season ticket sales and fewer eager sponsors. In fact,”tickets for the National Football League’s Super Bowl could be the most affordable in years as a recession drives down prices,” according to an Associated Press report.


When the subject of taxes comes up around football, it’s usually talking about how much a city’s taxpayers will have to put up in order to get the team’s owner his fancy new stadium. Otherwise, the team might just have to move away.

Real estate, mortgages

You think it’s pricey for you to keep the lawn looking nice at your house? The Tampa Sports Authority had to spend $85,000 for sod to get Tampa Stadium ready for the big game.


There’s never been an overtime game in Super Bowl history — maybe the Cardinals and Steelers will change that — but we’ve always wanted to see one. With that in mind, we wanted to give you a little bit extra, so he are some links that, like former Steelers QB/WR Kordell “Slash” Stewart, are a little harder to define.

That’s it! The final gun has sounded. We hope you enjoyed the carnival. And, remember, you can relive the excitement of the carnival by checking out our series of limited-edition commemoratives — including a signed football, a DVD of this carnival’s greatest moments, a collectible plate and this handsome, leather-bound retrospective coffee table book.

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