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Emily’s list: Model behavior edition

Emily Crone

Today is the birthday of English supermodel Kate Moss, Hungarian model Michelle Wild and British fashion model Lauren McAvoy. Fashion models may look perfect on the exterior, but their behavior (and sometimes finances) are far from it. Let’s celebrate the beautiful people we love to hate in this week’s roundup of the best credit card-related blog posts.

Celebs love credit cards too

1. Do you always find yourself having trouble paying your credit card bills on time? While models are notorious for not showing up on time at shoots, the credit card companies won’t be as generous if you show up late with your payments. Wise Bread helps explain why this might be happening and what you can do to fix it.

2. I’ve Paid for This Twice Already reminds readers that getting rid of debt isn’t always a one-size-fits-all process. High-fashion clothes are typically itty-bitty sizes, but that’s not realistic for most of us. Just because you read one expert’s advice doesn’t mean that is the method best for you.

3. Ask Mr. Credit Card discusses your options when you want to transfer credit card air miles or points from one card or program to another. Major models jet set all over the world; if they all used reward credit cards, they’d rack up ridiculous amounts of air miles.

4. Credit Karma provides a list of the four most egregious credit card mistakes you can make. Models can afford to go to high-end boutiques and spend thousands, but if you do this, you may max out your card and find yourself in a spiral of debt.

5. The Wallet discusses a survey that has found out that, unsurprisingly, the financial crisis is causing Americans to suffer emotionally and become angry and stressed. Just like supermodel Naomi Campbell, who is notorious for angering easily and physically abusing people.

6. Bankruptcy Law Network explains what a couple in massive debt should do if they choose to divorce. Even gorgeous models go through nasty divorces; just look at Christie Brinkley and hubby Peter Cook, whose marriage ended badly in 2008.

7. When a high fashion model is looking for a job, her bust/hip/waist ratio and her runway walk are what counts. But when you’re applying for a regular office job, your credit may be what makes or breaks your chances of being hired, The Consumerist says.

8. Financial Reflections lists 10 different ways your identity can be stolen and offers tips on avoiding each scenario. Even Paris Hilton, who occasionally models, has fallen victim to identity theft.

9. A guest post at The Happy Rock reminds consumers that ignorance is not bliss when it comes to changing credit card terms. Ignorance probably is bliss, however, when it comes to the price tag on the clothes high fashion models wear.

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  • I think that’s a great point. There is an abundance of advice out there but in order to get benefit from it, you have to know if it does or does not fit you