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Emily’s list: Valentine’s Day edition

Emily Crone

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, which, depending on your relationship status, is either a day of great romantic excitement or a horrible reminder of your singledom. This week’s roundup from the personal finance blogosphere celebrates Cupid and romance, offering tips on handling finances in a relationship in addition to having a meaningful — but debt-free — Valentine’s Day.

Celebrating Cupid and romance on Valentine's DayIf you aren’t attached, don’t sit at home alone and watch “Bridget Jones” while eating Ben & Jerry’s, get together with some good friends instead (but be sure to still follow the tips below).

1. Want to do something really romantic? Sit down with your spouse or partner and figure out where all your money is going. A guest blogger at Mrs. Micah explains why he and his wife started tracking their expenses, which will bring you together and reduce stress.

2. Emotional maturity is very important when it comes to making a relationship work, but it is also vital if you want to be a smart money manager, says Trent at The Simple Dollar.

3. Don’t worry if you can’t afford a diamond for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. MoneyNing reminds readers that expensive isn’t always better; instead, focus on things you need. Your partner may need a new vacuum cleaner, so get him one. Not sexy, but practical, and less likely to result in credit card debt.

4. Frugal Dad discusses a recent poll where consumers say what they are and aren’t willing to give up in the recession. He also makes the argument that frugal people do better in tough times because they are already used to cutting the fat.

5. Do you dream of building a solid and happy life with your romantic partner? Things will crumble if you don’t understand the blueprint of your financial fortress, Bargaineering says.

6. Lazy Man and Money offers a list of 17 tips for saving money on Valentine’s Day. No need to rack up charges on the plastic when using this advice!

7. Buying roses for your Valentine is as easy as placing an order online. FIRE Finance provides a list of 10 online flower shops with great deals this holiday.

8. I’ve Paid for This Twice Already outlines seven ways you can have a low-cost Valentine’s Day. If you are feeling poor and don’t want to go into debt for a special night out, consider one of these ideas, such as giving your time or having a picnic.

9. Ask Mr. Credit Card has a post that discusses personal finance guru Suze Orman’s recommendation that couples keep their money separate. Keeping things separate doesn’t encompass the idea of blending your life completely with someone else, though it may be handy if you have vastly different spending habits.

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