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Jay-Z’s entourage accused of dine and dash

Tyler Metzger

Is money a thing to Jay-Z and his crew?

Everyone is tightening their purse strings today, but when millionaires are skipping out on their credit card bills, we’re in trouble.

According to the, cough, New York Post, hip-hop artist Jay-Z and an entourage of record executives went out for a time in February to the restaurant M2 in Manhattan. They racked up $1,500 in charges, which included champagne and a bottle of Patron Platinum. But when it came time to square up, things got awkward.

The posse with Jay-Z, which included Atlantic Records executive Michael Kyser and Universal Music Group’s Shawn Costner, wanted to pay the tab. “Kyser and Costner were making a big show of wanting to take Jay-Z out, so they started arguing over who got to pick up the check,” M2 manager Dan Develin told the tabloid. The Jigga Man left a $500 tip and went outside to wait, thinking he had 99 problems but this wasn’t one.

Eventually the two decided to split the bill. But Costner’s corporate MasterCard was DE-NIED, so Kyser agreed to pay for the entire bill. However, the duo split before they signed the receipt, leaving the charge useless, Develin says.

“Of course, we still have his card, so we called up his office, and his assistant told us someone would come by to sign,” Develin says. But weeks rolled by and no one showed up, until the restaurant finally got a call from American Express saying Kyser is disputing the charge.

Peeved, Develin called Kyser and spoke to his assistant again, who said, “Oh, Michael says he doesn’t actually remember being there.” Develin says the claim is absurd because the restaurant has Kyser’s credit card and photos of him and Jay-Z. Perhaps that Patron had him on the fade.

To make matters worse, the $1,500 charge was only about a third of what the ballers ordered. Many of the purchases at the restaurant were comped because the waitress helping the celebs has known Jay-Z, also known as Hova, for five years, and he’s a good friend of owner Joey Morrissey, Develin says. So the least they could do is pay for something, right?

Develin wasn’t going to take this lying down. He dialed up the New York Post and made his case public by talking to people working the gossip section Page Six. And the news spread, thus landing on this blog and others.

Owner Morrissey is threatening to press charges if the issue isn’t settled soon. The New York Post says a spokesman for Jay-Z declined to comment, and neither Keyser nor Costner returned repeated calls.

A similar incident happened to hip-hop artist Fabolous at Atlanta’s Eros World Tapas Bar in January. The bar requested a credit card before delivering “the usual excess of champagne and alcohol,” according to the manager, but all of the hip-hopper’s cards were DE-NIED. However, instead of skipping out, he paid with greenbacks.

So is Jay-Z really going to go out like that? I mean, ya, it’s a hard knock life, but when you’re telling me that money ain’t a thing, you’re gonna catch some flak for this type of stunt.

So, anyone, can I get a …?

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  • alex

    just read about this from a site i follow on twitter.. if theyre so hard up for cash tehy shouldnt be drinknig patron like its water