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Emily’s list: Disneyland edition

Emily Crone
Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort
Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort is the most visited theme park in the world, with 17 million visitors in 2008.

On this day in 1955, America’s first theme park, Disneyland Park, opened its doors in Anaheim, Calif. Walt Disney World then opened in 1971 in Florida, and the two parks have become a popular destination for family vacations. I loved Disneyland as a kid, especially Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, but I visited Disney World too late in life to enjoy it, as I was a rebellious 8th grader with a distaste for anything too commercial.

However, Disney movies were a staple throughout my childhood and even young adulthood. I still enjoy some of them as an adult, especially “Enchanted,” in which Disney mocks its fanciful “one day my prince will come” story lines.

Here are some of the best credit card and debt-related posts from the personal finance blogosphere with a Disney twist. Enjoy!

1. When it comes to shedding debt, being as passive as Sleeping Beauty won’t get you anywhere. Frugal Dad offers five tips to help you become a debt-killing machine.

2. When Belle arrived at the Beast’s castle, she helped him changed some of his nasty habits, such as being sloppy. Have you picked up some sloppy financial habits that have resulted in debt? Jacques at The Smarter Wallet has, and he explains what you can do to break those habits to become debt-free.

3. You don’t want your kid to be called Dumbo. A guest post at My Dollar Plan discusses how to teach your kids about personal finance, and this of course includes enlightening them about credit cards.

4. Pinocchio quickly found out that it didn’t pay to lie. Mighty Bargain Hunter explains why it pays off to round up your debt payments.

5. Tackling your finances can be as scary as Ursula the giant octopus in “The Little Mermaid,” so Christian Personal Finance explains what you can do to overcome fear of financial failure.

6. Fiscal Fizzle highlights six financial mistakes that you should avoid. The toxic apple in “Snow White” isn’t one, but stay away from that, too.

7. Green Panda Treehouse overviews personal finance guru Ramit Sethi’s ideas and discusses his views on credit cards and getting out of debt. He is wise, much like Simba’s father in “The Lion King.”

8. You probably know that you are supposed to diversify your investment portfolio, but did you know that you should also utilize credit card diversification? Bargaineering explains that having a couple credit cards is helpful in case anything happens to one of them. I suppose that helps explain why it’s helpful to have 101 dalmatians.

9. If you’re as busy as the sewing chipmunks in “Cinderella,” and don’t have time to read about personal finance, read this post from Prime Time Money, which sums up the five best pieces of personal finance advice.

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