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Emily’s list: National One-Hit Wonder Day

Emily Crone

Today marks National One-hit Wonder Day, which honors rock ‘n’ roll’s countless bands that had one successful song and subsequently disappeared from the limelight. Some one-hit wonder bands from my teens that come to mind are Semisonic, Fastball and Eagle Eye Cherry.

Emily's One-hit wonder edition

Don’t remember them? That’s the point. Regardless of skills, some bands just can’t get past that one single that the radio stations play over and over again.

One-hit wonder bands fight to make it big, but as soon as they get one major hit, they go downhill and can’t get on top again. With personal finances, some people experience a similar up and down. They finally conquer their debt and feel on top of the world, only to slide back down into the red again. They are on a roll with retirement savings, only to have it depleted by an emergency.

Don’t be a financial one-hit wonder who reaches success only once and gives up or can’t fight your way back up to the top. Practicing good financial habits takes a lifetime; it’s not a one-shot deal (unless you win the lottery).

Following are some of my favorite blog post about credit and debt from personal finance blogs around the web. Enjoy!

1. Bargaineering outlines how to request a credit limit increase with American Express without resulting in a hard credit inquiry.

2. The Digerati Life explains why fast cash loans, including taking a cash advance against your credit card, are a bad idea.

3. Generation X Finance offers readers advice on how to break the mindset of paying only the minimum payment on your credit card bill.

4. Are you living from credit card to credit card? Money Under 30 explains how to get out of this revolving debt cycle.

5. Ask Mr. Credit Card discusses how Discover Card’s policies have recently changed due to new federal credit card regulations.

6. Master Your Card offers a primer in credit cards, debit cards and charge cards and explains the pros and cons of each.

7. WalletPop notes that in a new study, the richest and poorest neighborhoods in the United States have credit scores that look awfully similar.

8. Financial Highway discusses how to determine whether you should pay off your debt or invest.

9. Good Financial Cents lists tips for using credit cards that will help improve your finances.

10. Gather Little by Little explains how to get your personal finances under control in just one day. Tips include setting up a debt snowball.

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