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Emily’s list: Halloween edition

Emily Crone

It’s finally time to bust out those crazy costumes and candy bowls. Halloween is here, and whether you’re planning to dress up and party, take the kids door to door or sit at home and pass out Kit Kit bars, it should be a night of spooky surprises. Just please, I beg you, Emily's list: Halloween editiondon’t be one of those people who hands out raisins or pennies to trick-or-treaters!

While monsters, zombies and goblins are oh-so-frightening, it can be equally frightening to check your bank statement or credit card bill. And let’s not even think about interest rate hikes and overdraft fees — the terror!! While it can be hard to face these financial fears, it’s a lot scarier being left in the dark … (insert evil cackle

Face your fears and enlighten yourself by reading this collection of the week’s best posts in the personal finance blogosphere.

1. Want to change banks but are spooked by the hassle? Being Frugal outlines how to switch banks with ease and confidence.

2. Bad debt can haunt you like a ghost. Bargaineering explains the difference between first-party and third-party debt collectors and why it matters.

3. Unfortunately, not all new changes to the credit card industry are good. Christian PF warns readers about three new credit card fees that may creep up on us.

4. Successfully booking travel with your credit card reward points can be more difficult than sitting through a bad horror movie. Ask Mr. Credit Card informs readers about two bloggers who have made it their mission to navigate these frequent flier challenges.

6. Trying to keep up with new bills and laws can make most of us feel like a zombie. But Master Your Card helps us out by listing all of the new credit card legislation currently going through Congress. The list makes tracking legislation a no-brainer!

7. A guest post on Frugal Dad discusses why the end of universal default is one of the most important provisions in the new credit card legislation. Put a stake through its heart, please.

8. It’s only Halloween, but Christmas and Hanukkah are just around the corner. Generation X Finance offers tips on how to start saving for the holidays now so you aren’t tortured by major debt later.

9. It’s fun to play dress-up for Halloween — it makes us feel young again. But that’s no excuse to act like a young’un when it comes to your finances. Studenomics lists several tips for responsible credit card use.


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