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Postmodernist uses for expired credit cards

Julie Sherrier

Would Andy Warhol ever have painted a credit card? Along with Campbell’s soup cans and bananas, I think that a Visa or MasterCard would have fit nicely into his postmodernist array of subject matter.
But plenty of artists have upped the ante since Warhol’s passing, turning mundane items of our everyday living into conversation pieces. This includes taking pieces of the plastic we love to hate — credit cards — and transforming them into light and colorful bangles to decorate our ears, wrists and neck.

American Banker writer Maria Aspan blogged about one of her favorite gifts this Christmas: a bracelet made out of expired credit and gift cards. These fun trinkets are not unlike the plastic guitar pick earrings I’ve seen at local craft shows here in Austin (whose displays are typically surrounded by gaggles of tween girls).

Aspan’s particular piece was crafted by Edith Meriwether Designs, one of many outfits marketing new uses for expired plastic. The earrings are my favorite, although I don’t know if I would actually wear them more than once. I’d probably end up giving them to one of my nieces, who are much more fashion forward than I.

If you’re really bored, mad at your credit cards (and who isn’t these days?) or have a stash of plastic collecting dust in a drawer somewhere, posts illustrations and instructions on how to create your own credit card jewelry. It could turn out to be a therapeutic exercise between credit card billing cycles.

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  • Siva

    What a fantastic and original idea! truly loved it. Many banks are literally chasing us to buy a card; so I think it would be a nice way to collect them and make a piece of art of them even before you use it.
    Thanks a load for making my day!

  • Mazza

    That’s a brilliant idea! And a good incentive for anyone trying to pay off their cards, or having paid them it’s a good reminder not to get into debt again. Love it!