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Emily’s list: Super Bowl edition

Emily Crone

We are just two days away from Super Bowl Sunday! It doesn’t get any more American than this — millions of us will be in front of our flat-screen televisions drinking beer and eating wings and watching highly anticipated commercials. Oh, yeah. There’s a football game, too.

Emily's list: Super Bowl edition

One thing I marvel at when I occasionally watch professional football is how ridiculously huge some of those men are. The linebackers practically look like Shrek. It amazes me that the offensive players from the other team are ever able to get past these big guys. I’m sure it takes tons of momentum and motivation to defeat them.

Debt can sometimes feel the same way; it’s like trying to fight through a goal-line defense. The journey to victory can be very stop-and-start rather than smooth and steady. And it takes a hearty dose of motivation, sweat and sometimes even tears to tear down crippling credit card debt. The battle may feel like your very own Super Bowl, but all that hard work makes the win in the end feel even sweeter, doesn’t it?

Enjoy this roundup of the best credit card and debt-related blog posts from the past week, and have fun watching the big game

1. Ever wonder where interest on your savings account comes from? The banks aren’t just being nice. Money Under 30 explains how banks make money.

2. The journey out of debt can be complicated and arduous, but the rewards are worth it. A guest post on Ask Mr. Credit Card shares the long-term plan she used to shed her credit card debt and rebuild good credit.

3. Have some spare time? CESI Debt Solutions offers a massive list of 100 ways you can save $1,000 in one day.

4. It always stings when a credit card has been canceled without our consent. Nora at WiseBread explains why credit card companies cancel our cards, what our rights are and how to prevent this from happening to you.

5. Sometimes words get tossed about without any real distinction. Mrs. Micah sets the record straight about the difference between credit card fraud and identity theft.

6. Money Smart Life doles out 10 important tips you should follow if you are a couple planning to get married. The guy in the commercial agrees with this post — it’s vital to swap credit reports before you get hitched.

7. Do you always need more credit? This is just one of the signs on The Digerati Life’s list of how to identify if you have a shopping addiction or poor spending habits.

8. Being Frugal explains the importance of setting goals if you want to get out of debt, and explains what steps she has taken to pay off her debt.

9. Money Crashers offers three tips for how you can simply and effectively get rid of lingering debt.

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