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Emily’s list: Pay more to look like ‘Jersey Shore’ edition

Emily Crone

The biggest news to take place last week (and the past few months) is the passage of the health care reform law. Once everything is finalized and in place, the controversial law should ensure coverage for more Americans, lower premiums and lessen discrimination for gender and preexisting conditions.

jersey-shore-tan.png The cast of the “Jersey Shore” showcasing their signature, yet slightly manipulated, tans.

The price tag for the bill is a whopping $940 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office, and while some of the changes will save money and pay for themselves in the long run, the government has to find other creative ways to finance the expanded health care coverage.

One such method is adding a 10 percent tax for visits to tanning salons, according to CNN. In the next 10 years, it is estimated that this “sin tax” will raise a cool $2.7 billion. Some tanning salon owners are shouting that it’s not fair and that consumers will no longer want to visit their business, but people who fry in tanning beds are more likely to suffer from cancer, which means more health care expenses when they’re older.

It makes sense to me! If you are trying to keep your costs down (and health up), you might want to stay away from tanning salons.

Who wants to look like those “Jersey Shore” kids, anyway?

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    Great post. Not only are they taxing tanning salons but are looking at 18% on pizza as well as expanding some othr taxes like that opn soda. So, not only can the kids from Jersey not tan but they can’t fill that time with fast food and drink. Great article!