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Emily’s list: Oil spill edition

Emily Crone

For the past few weeks, many Americans have watched in horror as massive amounts of oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico. An oil rig about 50 miles southeast of Louisiana’s coast exploded on April 20 and killed 11 workers, and sank two days later to 5,000 feet below the surface, according to CNN. The well has been spewing an estimated 210,000 gallons of crude oil in the ocean each day.

Emily's list: Oil spill edition

The owner of the well, energy company BP, is getting plenty of flack. It has taken responsibility, but it hasn’t been able to stop the leak. Since April 20, the company has tried various types of caps and domes to plug the leak, and it has even discussed shooting garbage into the well to plug it. Nothing has done the trick. There are growing concerns about how the spreading oil will affect wildlife, especially as it reaches shores.

According to CNN, BP is required by federal law to foot the bill for all cleanup costs, and it has already spent more than $350 million to do so. However, the company may only be liable for the first $75 million in claims under law, but it’s expected that the losses will be in the billions. BP says it will pay all “legitimate claims” for those who have suffered an economic loss, but it will be interesting to see how this unfolds and what they deem “legitimate.”

Personally, I think it’s frightening to see how much damage — both environmentally, ecologically and financially — a single incident like this can cause. My heart goes out to the fishermen and other people out there who are suffering a loss of income due to this crisis, but I also feel a ton of gratitude for the many volunteers who are out there helping to mop up the mess.

But enough seriousness for now: For all kinds of great personal finance advice and tidbits, read on and learn about some of my favorite blog posts from the past week.

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  • Rufus RJ

    The horror of black oil spewing uncontrollably into our one and only beautiful gulf. Its hard for me to not think that is is the beginning of the wrath of God upon our earth. After all dont we blatantly trash and take it for granted. I see it all around me.
    Quite frankly, I think we deserve this, serves us right and if you dont believe it isn’t Gods wrath then I feel sorry for you. Tell me!… the next time you go to the gulf will it be to enjoy or to view the catastrophic spectacle of whats to become of our once upon a time beautiful gulf coast. Soon it will become a waterway wasteland, worse than the dead sea, the stench of dead marine life will be all around you. The dismal left behind structures, a reminder of what was once a thriving coastal community will no longer be.
    Lets face it we suck at the oil business, literally, if were gonna continue to be an oil based economy we should lie in bed with the sheiks of Saudi Arabia.
    We already do but we dont like it much because their trying to kill us. So what do we do?
    Drill baby Drill… Remember this ..Spill baby Spill. We suck at drilling. Why do we suck? because we sold our souls to government, corporate profits, inefficiency, control, waste and lets look the other way.
    Oh yeah, Obama said he was going to change all this? I hope he does!