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Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu’s hair insurance

Emily Crone

I know there are many types of insurance. Each month, I pay car insurance, health insurance and renters insurance, and I just got an insurance policy to cover my engagement ring. I’m familiar with homeowners insurance, pet health insurance and even identity theft insurance. But hair insurance? Voice insurance? Taste bud insurance? These policies exist, and famous figures and their endorsers actually spend big money on them. just featured a piece on 10 odd insured body parts. Pittsburgh Steelers football player Troy Polamalu hasn’t cut his hair in years. He stars in Head & Shoulders commercials, and it was just announced that the shampoo company’s parent company, Procter & Gamble, has taken out a $1 million policy to protect the safety’s trademark hair as part of the endorsement deal.

Time says there have also been policies on David Beckham’s whole body, Dolly Parton’s breasts, Bruce Springsteen’s voice, the crossed eyes of silent film comedian Ben Turpin, and the booty, knees and ankles of a Brazilian Playmate. I have to wonder whether this was actually money well spent. Some of us can’t afford health insurance, while Australian cricket player Merv Hughes had his famous mustache insured for a cool $370,000.

I know, I know, they’re publicity stunts, and I’m falling for one now. But looking at it strictly as a financial arrangement, I have to wonder if it is it really worth it for these companies paying to insure body parts. After all, nothing lasts forever. Voices change, body parts begin to age and droop. What if Polamalu goes bald?


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  • Emily, that Troy Polamalu thing is crazy! He does have quite the profitable head of hair. Great posts in the roundup here and thanks for the shoutout!