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Emily’s list: Frozen pipes edition

Emily Crone

Brrrrrr. It’s cold outside! We’ve had our coldest week of the year this week here in Austin, Texas. I didn’t remember to leave my faucets dripping on Tuesday night, and I woke up on Wednesday with no hot water. That evening, it was still not back on, so I had to heat a few large pots of water on the gas stove and use this to rinse off in the bath a la 1800s. It was very difficult to wash my long hair, and it made me extremely grateful for our convenient, time-saving, modern amenities.

Frozen pipes

I noticed my water use a lot more when I had to wait for the pots of water to heat up and only had a limited amount to use. I had to exercise patience while waiting for the water to warm up, and then more patience when I realized I overheated it and had to let it cool. It then took a while to wash and rinse out my hair with a small amount of nonrunning water. I’m so used to going on auto-pilot in the shower and not realizing how much water I’m using. It’s easy to take long showers when you just stand under a beam of endless piping hot water!

Not surprisingly, I started thinking about how many other modern conveniences I take for granted. Such as? Plastic. With my debit card, I never have to think about getting cash out of the ATM or having enough of it on hand (well, my fiance wishes I was better about doing that). It’s easy to swipe my credit card mindlessly without thinking too hard about the consequences. It’s difficult but so important to be more mindful of spending despite the fact that it is so darn easy to blow through money.

Stay warm!


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