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Emily’s list: It’s my birthday edition

Emily Crone

Today, I turn 26 years old. At age 25 and under, I feel like it’s easy to still consider yourself a young adult, or even a kid. Now that I’m above 25, I feel like I’m truly in adult-land. That’s probably a good thing, considering I’m now on a budget and getting married next month.

Living with creditLooking back, I’ve learned a lot this past year. The budget initiative was a huge step and has made me feel much more like a grown-up. Thanks to my responsible future husband, I now save my receipts and enter my expenses, purchases and credit card payments into a spreadsheet. It’s hard, and there are still days when I forget to do that at the end of the day, but I try my best to be on top of it.

Starting last May, I began the grueling task of planning my wedding — another experience with budgeting. I have had to obtain vendor quotes, compare prices and goods, maintain records, keep up with payments and more. I’ve also had to practice negotiating, which doesn’t come easy for me. I saved a good chunk of my money on my catering and invitations this way. If I can do it, anyone can.

Now I’m off to celebrate my birthday. Read on for my favorite list of personal finance blog posts from the past week!

1.  My Dollar Plan lists eight ways you can maximize your cash rewards with your Discover Card.

2.  Frugal Dad discusses the importance of becoming debt-free and the process it took to get him there.

3. Don’t go broke for Valentine’s Day. Gen X Finance reveals five frugal ways to spend the day with your love.

4.  Frugal Confessions offers more inspiration with her list of 15 great frugal date ideas.

5.  Money Ning emphasizes the importance of talking about money with your family and provides tips for doing it.

6.  PT Money discusses the various options for debt settlement and the rights you have under FTC regulations.

7.  No Credit Needed provides several resources for getting motivated and inspired to pay off your debt.

8.  While life without credit cards has its challenges, life without cash can also be rough. Budgets are $exy lists four reasons why you might want to keep some cash on hand.

9.  The Sun’s Financial Diary writes about the best apps for filing your taxes with your smart phone.

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