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New credit card-sized gadgets help you shave, pick locks

Jeremy Simon

Sure, credit cards enable all kinds of fun activities — such as buying more stuff you don’t really need and paying bills online. Super awesome! But until now, payment cards have failed to help with some of the most basic tasks, such as shaving, picking locks and holding people at knifepoint. Thanks to the latest collection of card-sized gadgets, however, credit cards finally are becoming the everyday tools they were always meant to be.

Take a gander at this latest assortment of credit card gadgets, and I’m sure you’ll agree.

Pick locks with a credit card
Do you remember the ADT home security systems advertisement from the 1990s that featured a burglar declaring, “I can pick most locks with a credit card”? Well, now you can, too!

With this credit card lock-pick set ($39.95) in your pocket, you can be confident in your ability to gain entry to places someone has selfishly separated you from with a lock. “Like something straight out of a James Bond movie …[they] are real lock pick sets concealed inside of a credit card styled housing,” explains the appropriately named (Hat tip: The Bond Lifestyle website.) “The back portion of the card slides off to reveal four individual picks and a double-sided tension tool. The card set is less than 1/8-inch thick and fits into the same wallet space as a credit card!” Thank goodness. Whether you’re a suave international spy or a humble home intruder, you don’t want unsightly bulges ruining the lines of your outfit.

Credit cards get stabby
Shifting from picking to poking, consider the following item: a credit-card shaped sheet of metal that, Transformer-like, folds and folds until it’s a knife.

But it’s not your average knife. The CardSharp Credit Card Folding Knife “is a svelte knife and folds into a card to fit in your wallet,” the website says. “It weighs just 13 grams, is only 2 millimeters thick and features a stainless steel blade with a healthy 65 millimeter cutting edge and a short serrated edge on the opposite side. When folded, a built-in sheath prevents you from accidentally touching the sharp blade.” Oh, yes. Safety first — especially when it comes to objects I’ll be sitting on. And who can resist a weapon described as “svelte”?

Shaving face with a payment card
Perhaps, though, arming yourself with knives or breaking and entering aren’t exactly your style. They aren’t for everyone, after all. Instead, you like to think of yourself as the smooth, sophisticated type — the sort of man who wants to keep his face stubble-free, even when he’s in a hurry.

razor-gadget.jpgWell then, Mr. Dapper, have I got the product for you! The Carzor Portable Credit Card Razor Wallet Shaver is basically just what the name Carzor (“card razor”) implies: “It is a triple blade razor that comes in the size of a credit card that you can conveniently store in your wallet! One side of the card has a mirror which you can conveniently use for shaving. It also comes with extra blades on the sides of the card,” notes the Gadget Fever website.

“This is a cool and convenient shaver for the guy who’s always on the clock,” Gadget Fever says.

And really, that’s most of us! Gotta go.

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  • Amazon does not sell lock picks. They are prohibited. At the time of this blog there is one guy trying to sell one through Amazon and he will no doubt be taken down in a few hours. They should go through The Bond Lifestyle link posted above or directly to the manufacturer or their sister site That way you are sure to buy the quality American made original and not a cheaper Chinese bootleg version.

  • Beth McDougal

    That is some interesting stuff, you wouldn’t know if it’s a credit card or your kit.

  • Finally – something that a credit card is good for! Ok credit-card sized that is. And I just love the espionage element of it.

  • overall:really usefull tools – if you’re planning a rubbery 😉
    i prefer having a key and shaving at home (though i don’t have many hair in my face)