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Emily’s list: International Women’s Day edition

Emily Crone

International Women’s Day was actually on Tuesday, but I think this day that recognizes women should be celebrated all week. What started in the 1900s in the United States now celebrates ladies worldwide and aims to build a world more bright and equal for women.

International Women's Day.jpgI definitely think that the world needs more strong female leaders. In 2009, a Harvard study found that only 1.5 percent of CEOs at leading companies are women. There has never been a female president or vice president in the United States, and we only recently had our first female Speaker of the House.

When I was in college, I took many film classes. In the film studies, film history and editing classes, there wasn’t much of a gender divide. But once we started the production classes, the professors warned us that things might change. They said the girls often let the guys take charge because the cameras get heavy. The lights get hot. The equipment becomes cumbersome. They warned us not to let this happen, but sure enough, many of the girls (including myself) did find ourselves stepping back and letting the guys deal with the hard and heavy stuff.

Many women seem to similarly shy away from leadership roles. Some of us don’t feel confident enough to stand up to powerful men, or we worry that it means sacrificing having a family. I’m very self-conscious about my math skills (or the lack thereof), which definitely has the potential to hold me back if I just let metrics-savvy men deal with the numbers. My goal? Brush up on my math skills and become more confident with numbers so that I may be a leader someday. And my personal finances will be much better for it!

If you’re looking to improve your finances, read on for my roundup of my 10 favorite personal finance blog posts from the past week!

1. Bargaineering lists five ways you can build wealth in 2011, one of which is paying down that debt.

2. It’s no secret that having a fashion addiction is a quick road to credit card debt. Miss Minimalist provides tips on how to maximize a minimalist 10-item wardrobe.

3. My Money Blog discusses how trying to muster up motivation to lose weight is similar to that for saving money, and offers tips that apply to both goals.

4. Many of us struggle to change our financial ways. GenWealth reveals 10 behavioral mistakes that damage our finances and how to correct them.

5. Studenomics provides a guide to money management for teenagers, from budgeting to protecting your identity.

6. Financial Samurai recounts a recent experience that reminded him why we should always try our hardest to achieve our financial goals.

7. Money Crush explains why she thinks financial literacy may not be taught at the right time (if at all) and lessons that should be added.

8. Ask Mr. Credit Card reveals what “complimentary lounge access” really means as a credit card perk and why it isn’t the same thing as free.

9. Moneyed Up explains how to understand credit scores and how good credit scores help you save money.

10. Cash Money Life offers tips on how to set aside money for an emergency fund and have back-up cash for a rainy day.

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    Hope you had a good Woman’s Day! 🙂
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