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Emily’s list: Royal wedding edition

Emily Crone

My wedding was just over a month ago, and on that day, I truly felt like a princess. People waited on me hand and foot. Everyone constantly asked me if I needed or wanted anything. When I said I was going to grab some water, people stopped me and got it for me. Everyone wanted to hug and kiss me. I was in a fancy dress, and professionals did my hair, nails and makeup. Guests threw rose petals at us as we left in a horse-drawn carriage (no lie). It was kind of a let down when I realized I was only getting special treatment for one day.

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Emily's list royal weddingI cannot even fathom what life is like for Kate Middleton, the gorgeous commoner who is marrying the United Kingdom’s Prince William in Westminster Abbey today. My husband is pretty awesome, but I can’t imagine wedding a future king. She will be a real princess every day. Ah, a girl’s dream. She will have a massive staff helping her with anything and everything, and she will be dressed to the nines at all times. Money will likely never be a concern for her again. Pretty envy-inducing, right?

Though it comes with the heavy responsibility of hosting endless social events, doing loads of charity work, acting as a diplomat, being a fashion icon, and most importantly, bearing heirs to the throne. She will be in the spotlight and on the pages of the British tabloids for the rest of her life, being scrutinized for any potential mishap (or bit of cellulite). Is it worth it to have everything when you’re constantly in the spotlight? The thought of lounging around in Buckingham Palace puts stars in my eyes, but I think I would rather be humble old me on a budget than face throngs of crowds and the paparazzi everywhere I went.

If you also lack the budget of a royal, read on for some of my favorite personal finance blog posts from the past week.

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2. Money Under 30 discusses how much you need for your emergency fund, particularly if you are also paying off credit card debt.

3. Debt Free Adventure advises a reader who is in the military about how to pay off her debt.

4. As I’m quickly learning, marriage means working on your finances together. Figuring Money Out talks about how she and her fiance have figured out a plan to pay off the rest of her credit card debt.

5. Moolanomy reminds us that it isn’t wise to fund a vacation with a credit card and explains how you can have a great trip without having to finance it.

6. Cash Money Life reveals why potential employers care to see your credit report and what they can learn from it.

7. The Wisdom Journal discusses how your credit score and credit report factor into getting a mortgage and explains how to obtain both.

8. I don’t even want to think about how much the royal family is spending on flowers. Money Crashers lists 17 cheap ideas for wedding flowers and arrangements.

9. You can’t deny it anymore! Gather Little by Little explains why budgets are necessary, especially in modern times with rising credit use.

10. Good Financial Cents tells readers which nine money management tips all college students should know, several of which involve credit, of course!

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