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Emily’s list: Successful women edition

Emily Crone

I know two ladies in totally different areas of my life who are kicking butt right now. They are beautiful and fit. They are whip-smart and well-educated. They are accomplished entrepreneurs. They are two of the best catches I’ve ever met. Lately I have noticed that they’ve both had the same problem: They can’t find a serious boyfriend.

They have both found that men are very intimidated by them. I’m not sure whether it’s their beauty, their smarts, their money or the total package, but their awesomeness freaks guys out. Many men they’ve encountered feel inferior when they find out how successful the women are. If these ladies were men, women would be swooning over them. Successful women edition

Just the other day, one of the ladies said she went on a second date with a guy — the first time that’s happened in a very long time. They got in the car for their date and he realized he didn’t have any cash, so he said he needed to stop at an ATM. My friend said he could skip the stop and she’d just pay — in her mind it was no big deal, since she had footed the bill for so many boyfriends in the past who earned less than her. She had become used to being the sugar mama, she told me. He said no. He wanted to be the gentleman and pay, even if it meant an out-of-the-way stop. He wasn’t trying to mooch, and wasn’t paying because he felt inferior. He just wanted to be an old-fashioned gentleman and court a lady he was fond of, regardless of her brain power or bank account, and she was so impressed by that. I hope her luck is changing!

It’s interesting to me that women who are hard-working and financially responsible are some of the best potential mates, but some men seem to have trouble getting serious with women who make more money or have better careers.

Come on, guys — let’s celebrate the ladies instead of being scared of them! Who cares if you have credit card debt or are still in the early stages of your career. We can love you just as much anyway. I should know; my husband is in law school!

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