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Emily’s list: March Madness edition

Emily Crone

An annual event began this week that enthralls nearly every male in the country: March Madness. College basketball fans have begun tuning in to as many of the 67 games as possible that are airing until the final game April 2.

Fans everywhere have been rushing to create brackets for their choice teams. Companies even offer bracket competitions for their employees. AmEx Card + Twitter Hashtags = Deals

Male productivity suffers during March Madness. Of course, there’s the distraction from work. The employment firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas estimates that employers will pay distracted workers $175 million for unproductive time this year.

That’s not the only loss of male productivity: I read earlier this week on ABC that there is a correlation between March Madness and vasectomy operations.

If you can tear yourself away from the games, be sure to read on for my roundup of my favorite personal finance blog posts from the past week.

But before I go, one more thing: Has anyone seen my husband?

1. Newlyweds on a Budget reflect on their fights about money and what they’ve been able to resolve so far.

2. Dinks Finance questions why some people choose to use their credit cards to pay for a $2 cup of coffee.

3. Broke Professionals discusses the science behind delayed gratification and how this plays into impulsive spending.

4. Free From Broke shares some of the new forms of technology that make it easier than ever to shop with your credit card.

5. Those of us who drive frequently are getting pretty discouraged with rising gas costs. I’m getting flashbacks of 2008. Gen X Finance comes to the rescue with lots of tips on how to save money when gas is pricey.

6. Little House in the Valley lists five reasons you shouldn’t spend any time or money trying to keep up with the Joneses.

7. Money Under 30 explains how to tell whether you’re ready to buy a house. Several of the factors involve debt and credit.

8. Cash Money Life shares how your debt affects you each day and how much you need to earn each day.

9. Married (with Debt) offers tips on how to tackle your debt and keep it under control.

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  • March Madness sure is an exciting season. And Spring Training is another distraction for the baseball fans out there! Thanks for sharing our article!

  • Did you just write the words ‘vasectomy’ and ‘tear yourself’ close together?!? A chill just went up my spine.
    Thanks for the mention Emily. It’s amazing how the workplace changes during March Madness.

  • Your husband is fine – he said “send antacids.”
    Thanks for the mention!