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Chad Ochocinco’s venti venting over stolen Starbucks card

Connie Prater

Customer loyalty knows no bounds.

NFL baller Chad Ochocinco took to Twitter this week in a rant about the loss of his Starbucks coffee card. Someone broke into his SUV May 23 and stole his iPod and wallet containing his driver’s license and two credit cards.

Ochocinco wasn’t sweating the loss of those things, though. He expresses the real outrage in this video (titled “The Thief Will See This“) taped from inside the car:

From inside his SUV with a broken window, Chad Ochocinco laments his lost Starbucks card

“What I’m pissed about is these m***********s took my Starbucks card. Not just any Starbucks card. I earned the gold card. You know how many coffees I’ve had to drink and lemon loafs I’ve had to purchase to get to that gold card?” he says.

“I had $220 left on my Starbucks card. Not just any Starbucks card but a gold Starbucks card. And that’s f****d up. That’s really f****d up. And I feel like I’m about to tear up, because, what did I do? You took my iPod, you took my credit cards, my wallet — I have like $20 to my name right now. It’s cool. It’s cool. Anyway, I’m at IHOP with my last $20, and you have a good day.”

According to the CBS news, Starbucks got wind of Ochocinco’s plight and promised to send him another card.

The Starbucks card is essentially a reloadable closed loop prepaid card. If lost or stolen, Starbucks will replace the funds on cards that are registered.

“We’ll freeze your remaining balance at the time you report your card as lost or stolen, transfer it to a new Starbucks Card and mail you the replacement card immediately – without hassles or fees,” according to the Starbucks website.

I’m guessing Ochocinco didn’t read those FAQs or he wouldn’t have been blubbering about the loss of the card. I’m assuming he had the card registered. If not, the company likely just took his word for it about the amount left on the card. Celebrities have it like that.

The New England Patriots wide receiver — who legally changed his last name from Johnson to the Spanish version of his jersey number in 2008 — is no stranger to media attention. Those unfamiliar with him on the football field may remember his 2010 appearance on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

Hmmm. Was I the only person who thought this video may have just been a shameless plug for the yuppie coffee shop chain?

I’m just sayin’.

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  • Laura Pacchetti

    They are hacking into the Starbucks account online, because they can launder monies from other credit sources they hack into onto the Starbucks account. Reporting it stolen to Starbucks does’nt resolve the situation, it’s an inside job, it’s some of the franchise managers and thier employees hacking others Starbucks accounts online and stealing thier cards to transfer other stolen monies onto the Starbucks card. Corporate Starbucks is liable not only to resolve it with a new card, but to release the names of the employees to the police and FBI