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Ed Sheeran gets credit card help from … Elton John?!?

Jay MacDonald

Disturbing news out of London this week, where Grammy-nominated British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran’s rock star credentials have come under intense scrutiny after he admitted he’s not fit to abuse his credit card.

“My manager doesn’t let me have credit cards as I do weird things. He has to approve everything I buy,” Sheeran told The Sun. “One day I said, ‘I think I’ll go and buy some cars today’, and he goes, ‘Right, but you don’t drive‘.”


Sheeran’s uncharacteristic behavior flies in the face of more than a half-century of irresponsible spending by rock’s biggest spendthrifts. How might the soundtrack of our lives been changed had Rod Stewart stopped at one Lamborghini, or the Rolling Stones at one French villa, or the Who at one set of instruments? Thanks to their excess, we’ll never know.

Which left fans wondering: What in the Queen’s name caused the 2012 BRIT Award-winning hit-maker behind “Lego House” to so willingly lego his plastic?

Some attribute the 22-year-old Sheeran’s un-rock-star-like behavior to his recent association with Taylor Swift. The Nashville uber-star has tapped Sheeran to open her North American “Red” tour, they’ve recorded each other’s songs, and Swift’s mother even gave Sheeran a wooden iPhone stand shaped like a gramophone as a consolation present when he lost out on his first Song of the Year Grammy for “The A Team.”

“She got me a scented candle as well,” Sheeran adds.

OK, that last part is kinda creepy, but it’s not give-up-your-Black-Card creepy.

No, to ferret out exactly what would make an otherwise-budding rock star suddenly go all business-school frugal, we need to return to the “my manager doesn’t let me have credit cards” confession.

Like you, when I read that, my first thought was, your manager? When has any musical artist since the Beatles listened to their manager? Justin Bieber doesn’t even text his.

Then the coin dropped. Who manages Ed Sheeran? Rocket Music. And who manages Rocket Music? Co-founder Reginald Dwight, that’s who.

You may know him as Elton John. Been-there-bought-that, spent $400,000 a month on credit cards. That Elton John.

Mystery solved.

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