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Emily’s list: Springtime edition

Emily Crone

In just five days, spring will be here. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons here in Texas, where we have beautiful, mild weather that briefly tricks me into forgetting about our sweltering summers. Springtime edition

While I love fall, it makes me sad since I know it will meanshorter days and colder nights are ahead (I detest cold weather). Spring, on the other hand, means gloriously longer days. When I get home from work, there is still sunshine! I can walk my dog without rushing to beat sundown! While there is a little bit of dread knowing that summer is near, I try to ignore it as I revel in the warm, breezy days of 60- and 70-degree weather. It’s amazing what it does for my mood.

As we all know, spring is a metaphor for cleaning and new beginnings. One of my favorite personal finance blog posts that I list below offers financial tips for retirees and seniors, going to show that you can always wipe the slate clean and “birth” healthy new habits. Of course, it’s better to get your financial game in order early, and the younger the better, but it takes some of us longer to understand or practice the right principles.

Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve been slow to get started. Shake off the cold weather, and with it, toss out your baggage. Start fresh and get focused. Use these following 10 blog posts that I enjoyed as inspiration to make this season a time for change and growth.

It’s also time I tell you that this is our last Emily’s List post. Don’t worry, you might see me blog here again, just not in this format. Thanks for reading, and happy spring cleaning!

1. Money Smart Life provides a warning that debt consolidation isn’t for everyone, and he lists five reasons why it might be a bad idea.

2. My Alternate Life reflects on the personal finance lessons she’s learned over time as she realizes that these weren’t always common knowledge.

3. Marriage brings a slew of financial changes, but being an unmarried couple can have just as much at stake. Cash Money Life discusses financial issues unmarried couples need to address to protect everyone’s best interest.

4. Christian Personal Finance shares his thoughts on why having an entitlement mentality may be wrecking your finances.

5. lists several strategies you should never use to pay off debt and instead shares tips on what you should do.

6. For those just starting out, The Frugal Path offers a primer on how to begin living a frugal lifestyle.

7. One Cent at a Time reveals some hidden fees you may not know about and what to do about them.

8. Work Save Live provides seven money management tips for seniors and retirees who are still working toward their goals.

9. This That and the MBA discusses an innovative new financial tool called Float Money, which offers interest-free lending based on your shopping habits.

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