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Rounding Numbers: Don’t forget dad (and your debt) and other news to know this week

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 94 million

That’s how many Americans are storing their credit and debit card information online – and surprise! it’s most common among the elderly. Are we just waiting to get hacked or are we just lazy? Or, wild card option, is Amazon just taking over our lives? My Alexa says it’s the third option. She also suggests reading more here. 

This week

These are the things to look forward to this week.

Day of the dad: Is a tie knot good enough this Father’s Day? Tools not making a powerful enough impression? Can’t find a smoking deal on grilling items? If you’re trying to spruce up your relationship with your dad, a tree trimmer might not cut it. Bad dad jokes aside, maybe you should pay off your credit card debt, which he co-signed when you were eating ramen (in the apartment he paid for) when you should have been in class (which he also paid for). You can finally listen to his financial advice, and while you’re at it, read some of our financial expert’s greatest paternal advice here. 

Flying high: If you’re a fan of not getting beat up in airplanes and don’t need to fly to Montana or North Dakota anytime soon, you’re in luck. Southwest and Chase announced they’re upping the sign-up bonus on the Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa Signature card.  Those extra points could come in handy if you’re trying to recreate Jackie Chan’s wacky antics while traveling around the entire globe. We can help you get started with that here.

Take a hike: Despite a slowdown in job growth, the Fed is expected to hike rates again during its monthly Federal Open Market Committee meeting, which is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. Keep an eye on for our coverage of the meeting and then pull out your microscopes to comb through your terms and conditions so you can know when your interest rate on your credit card will be affected.


What you might have missed last week.

Federal middle fingers: I didn’t even make that headline up. I don’t think my boss would approve it if I had. But that’s what one member of Congress called the Financial CHOICE Act that was passed in the House last Thursday. The bill significantly scales back a lot of the consumer protections that were established under Dodd-Frank. So maybe it’s time to get Ryan Gosling to explain to you how we got to Dodd-Frank in the first place, and then hope that you don’t have any debt that could come back to haunt you.

Have your latte and drink it too: You don’t have to feel bad about your daily Starbucks run anymore. That is, you don’t if you ask my cubicle neighbor Brady. He, along with some pretty smart financial gurus, think the old adage of cutting back on your daily $5 fix to save money is overrated.  (Disclaimer – we here at are pretty fond of our Keurig coffee maker, but that has never stopped me from buying my double dirty chai tea latte with half and half.)

Tangled in the web

Here are things from around the internet that the staff are reading.

You probably can’t sweet talk the gate attendant into upgrading you to first class anymore. -Wall Street Journal

Apple unveiled a person-to-person payment feature that everyone will probably just ignore as they continue to use Venmo. -Fast Company

Two super-responsible “celebrities” are running from a $87,000 bill from American Express. -Daily Mail


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