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It’s raining cats, dogs and luxury cards, and other credit news to know this week

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 173 million

A good, math-backed guess of the number of people who probably won’t be able to see the total eclipse next Monday. But there’s still time to save yourself from being one of those losers and head to the line of totality on credit card rewards. Meanwhile, I will just be here in Austin, marking my calendar for April 2024.

This week

These are the things to look forward to this week.

Sapphire Reserve’s paper anniversary: I don’t think the Sapphire Reserve will be receiving any charcoal portraits or paper flowers for its first anniversary Aug. 21. But it will get stacks of paper when they rake in the first round of $450 annual fees from thousands of customers. And maybe not so surprisingly, the dreaded millennials are ready and willing to cough up their offering because they’re still madly in love with their card.


Fee-tal position: Well, you’re not really more or less likely to encounter fees on your credit card this year than you were last year. I am not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but it turns out, you can avoid most of the fees as long as you act like you know how a credit card works.


What you might have missed last week.

In the dog house: Those dastardly millennials are back at it again, this time buying houses not for the children they should be having, but for their dumb dogs. If you’re living your life right and thinking about actual human babies as opposed to puppies, here are some questions that will help you decide if you can afford it. 

Cat crazy: You thought I was going to come for millennial dog owners while leaving those cat-cuddling kids alone? WRONG. This past weekend was CatCon 2017. For real. I just hope that convention-goers got a few more airline miles out of their trip, and I will leave it at that.

Tangled in the web

Here are things from around the internet that the staff are reading.

I still think those crazy Citi Prestige-enabling $7,500 would be better spent on tigers, but to each their own. –The Points Guy

Mo’ money, mo’… BofA points? –Wall Street Journal

There are a ton of luxury cards and that may change soon. –AP

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