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Recurring charges, Hurricane Harvey aftermath and other news to know this week

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 35

That’s the percent of Americans who had set up an account that enrolled them in automatic payments without them realizing it. And apparently, after that Netflix or Spotify free trial ends, you’re left with some crappy remixed covers or one hour and 39 minutes of pony-tailed Nicolas Cage yelling at you to go with that recurring charge that might be very hard to cancel.

This week

These are the things to look forward to this week.

Eye of the storm: Hurricane Harvey sent many away from their homes this weekend as it made landfall and brought historic floods and destruction to Houston and other cities along the Texas coast. If the storm impacted your travel plans, your credit card may provide a safety net. Hopefully, you don’t have to look after your house once you return, but if you do, here are some tips to try minimize the impact on your financial situation.

RIP all the malls: Kids these days don’t know the value of getting dropped off at the mall by their mom and just walking around for hours. That’s why we’ve been hearing so much about the death of shopping malls. But that also means the death of your favorite retail card.



What you might have missed last week.

Jackpot: If you’re like every Powerball ticket holder except Mavis Wanczyk, you’re still sitting on your couch sadly clutching that number-covered paper in your hand. But if you want to take the edge off of not being able to quit your job and just coast on lottery winnings, maybe one day soon you will try again at your local grocery store checkout aisle aisle.

(Mostly) back-to-school:
So maybe you’re running a little behind on back-to-school shopping. Maybe you’re looking the first tuition payment in the face and are a little worried about it. Or maybe you want your kids to have just a little bit of credit before your kid graduates with that useless journalism degree. Either way, the second (or third) week of school may be the perfect time to do that.

Tangled in the web

Here are things from around the internet that the staff are reading.

Amazon may be taking over the world, but at least they’re using their powers for good. –Wall Street Journal

And they have Google (in an unlikely partnership with Walmart) shaking in their boots. –New York Times


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