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Bills, bills, bills and other credit news to know this week

Taylor Tompkins

This week’s (un)lucky number is: 3 out of 4

That’s how many parents are still paying their grown children’s bills, according to our latest survey. Really? How are y’all out here buying your dog Ralph Lauren turtlenecks and still letting your mom pay your phone bill?

This week

These are the things to look forward to this week.

Syrup is one of the four main food groups …: She told you maple syrup on spaghetti was a bad idea. After you went too hard yesterday for National Maple Syrup day, maybe you need something to wash it down. Like a plain vanilla credit card. They’re not easy to come by these days, but they’re still out there.

Lump on a log: You had a plan to do a lot of productive things with your holiday time off, but now you’ve looked up and you’re 12 seasons deep into “Grey’s Anatomy.” You can keep vegging out while getting something done with our suggestions of books and movies that help you learn about credit. (Meredith will still be there when you get back.)


What you might have missed last week.

Put on your hiking shoes: The Federal Reserve raised the federal funds rate for the third and final time this year on Dec. 13, so Happy Holidays, here’s a higher interest rate on your variable rate credit cards!

It’s beginning to look a lot like you still haven’t shopped for Christmas: We all know that person who doesn’t shop until Dec. 20. If you don’t know that person, you are that person (me). So if you’ve put it off (and put it off and put it off) like I have, here are some ways to save money by shopping online (and pray it arrives in time).

Tangled in the web

Here are things from around the internet the staff are reading.

You guys seem very unconcerned about rising interest rates. –MarketWatch

I told you guys last week about this Star Wars stuff that’s … out of this world. –Bloomberg

Visa is set to roll out a signature sound with every swipe or dip. –Wall Street Journal

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