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Andrea Travillian has loved personal finance from an early age; her first stock purchase was in 6th grade! Deciding to make a career of it she got her BBA and MBA in finance. She currently covers personal finance topics including investing, debt and money emotions on her site, Take a Smart Step. Read her articles to find smart advice on financial topics.

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Living with credit

How dating and getting a credit card are alike

With love, we are willing to try again and again to find that perfect relationship. We attempt to correct our past mistakes and try to find a relationship that works.

Yet with credit cards, it seems that we often don’t want to learn from our mistakes. We don’t want to find that perfect relationship balance that is right for us. Instead we take permanent sides in the battle of credit card love and hate. We either love using them or hate them and never want to touch them again.

What if instead of taking sides we take the time to learn, adjust our behavior and try again with credit cards? Using the same steps you take to improve your relationships, you can also improve your relationship with credit cards. Here’s how:

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