Aundraya Ruse

I'm a reporter at, and it's my first job with a desk and my own phone line extension number -- though no one calls me on it. I hold a B.A. in English from Texas Tech University, and I've got the student loan debt to prove it.

Writing for is giving me the opportunity to extend my own knowledge on personal finance while presenting that information in a relevant way to you, the reader.

When I'm not marveling at the fact that I'm officially a journalist (i.e., I've got a "big girl" job), I'm combatting my perpetual short-story writer's block and indulging in my guilty pleasure: performing magic tricks.

Aundraya Ruse was a reporter for from 2011-2012.

Posts by Aundraya Ruse

Living with credit

$1 trillion in student loan debt — worth it?

Congratulations, my fellow student loan debt owners (or should we be referred to as martyrs?). We have hit the $1 trillion mark. That’s right. $1 trillion in total student loan debt. Or as I like to think of it, enough money to buy a hundred of everything ever created forever and ever.

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Fine print, Living with credit, Protecting yourself, Shopping

One millennial’s take on leading a credit card-free life

I have a confession to make. I work for and I don’t actually have a credit card.
When I was in high school, around the age of 17, I remember getting dozens of credit card offers in the mail on a regular basis. Before the Credit CARD Act of 2009, card companies loved the 17-year-olds of the world. We were financial idiots. To me, though, those credit card offers seemed like spam mail unworthy of even being acknowledged — and I didn’t.
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Protecting yourself

When it comes to Social Security cards, Mom’s always right

From the day my mother handed over my Social Security card to me, she warned me against ever carrying it with me.

If only I had listened.

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