Jamie Gonzalez

My relationship with credit cards has always been low-key and until very recently, I had only one credit card to my name – the same one I got when I opened my first bank account at 18. After three years with CreditCards.com, though, I’ve improved that relationship (and my credit score).

I began my journalism career at Texas State University-San Marcos. After graduating, I worked as a page designer and copy editor for E.W. Scripps in Corpus Christi for a few years before moving to Austin to join the Creditcards.Com team. My main role is content editor for our international sites for the UK and Canada, but I also have a hand in a few aspects of our U.S. site as well.

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Chip cards lead to jokes, angst on the web

Chip-enabled credit and debit cards have been in the U.S. for a short period. Understandably, the new-to-us technology has taken some getting used to. (Click to enlarge.) Source: Nathan W. Pyle, BuzzFeed Comics   Even the word chip causes some…
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My week using only Samsung Pay

I’ve edited scores of stories about mobile payments, but as long as I had my older model cellphone, it was a world I was left out of. So when it finally gave out and I had to get a replacement,…
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