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A Texas transplant enjoying live music, barbecue and everything else Austin has to offer, I spent most of my formative years in the Northeast. I graduated with an English degree from Vassar College, before taking a job with Thomson Financial in New York City, where I wrote about stock markets from the same building where Bud Fox worked in "Wall Street" (he strolled through the lobby, that is).

Since moving to Austin, my writing career has included an internship in the editorial department of Texas Monthly and the chance to tackle freelance assignments for several local publications, before working for as a staff writer.

Jeremy Simon was a staff reporter for from 2006-2011.

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Bad attitude, good credit score

Are you a mean, no-good jerk? Then you are more likely to have a good credit score.

According to a study released Wednesday, people with bad attitudes tend to have higher credit scores, the numbers used by lenders to determine whether to loan money and how much interest to charge. Researchers from Louisiana State University (LSU), Texas Tech University and Northern Illinois University found a link between credit scores and consumers’ personalities.

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New products

U.S News showcases my ‘credit education’ blog

You may have heard about “Credit Educator,” a new service from credit bureau Experian that offers one-on-one credit education by phone. For a cost of $29.95, consumers can speak with a specially trained Experian representative who can answer questions about the consumer’s credit score and report.

I’ve written about the topic before for (check out “Experian gets personal to teach about credit, but it’ll cost you”), but more recently discussed the topic for U.S. News & World Report’s “My Money” blog.

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Diddy gets his AmEx Black Card swiped

Think being wealthy, successful and having a clever nickname will keep you safe from identity theft? Think again.

Diddy — formerly known as P. Diddy, formerly formerly known as Puff Daddy and legally known as Sean Combs — recently fell victim to an identity thief who stole Diddy’s American Express Black Card information, reports. If that wasn’t bad enough, the thief posted Diddy’s AmEx card information online this week for the entire web browsing world to see.

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Research, regulation, industry reports

U.S. economic recession shifted FICO credit scores

It’s no shock that during the devastating economic downturn, a lot of people went from good credit to bad, as job losses and foreclosures took their toll. But here’s a surprise: According to FICO data, the number of people with excellent credit didn’t fall during the recession — it grew.

“Many people seem to think that everyone’s FICO score must be down these days. However scores have moved in both directions,” says Rachel Bell, senior director of global scoring solutions for FICO.

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Protecting yourself

Lying to protect your card account from ID theft: Why experts discourage it

Would you lie to your bank if it meant protecting yourself from identity theft?

Although some cardholders indicate they would stretch the truth to keep themselves safe — telling the bank a credit card was lost or stolen when, in fact, that wasn’t true — lying could actually end up hurting you, experts say.

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