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I'm a former staff reporter at I began my career in journalism at The Atlantic in 2007, then detoured into nonfiction book publishing for several years. I returned to journalism in 2010 and since then have written about everything from 20-somethings with Herculean credit scores to the Federal Reserve's monetary policy decisions. I hold a degree in liberal arts from Sarah Lawrence College and live in Columbus, Ohio.

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Are preschoolers too young to learn about money? Experts say no

How young is too young to start talking with your kids about money? That’s a question I’ve been thinking about lately now that my 3-year-old has started to show more interest in the contents of my wallet. As it turns…
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Living with credit

Virtual card numbers: safer, convenient and a spending risk

Virtual credit card numbers are a safer way to pay online, but they are not without risk – especially when a credit card number (traditional or virtual) is stored on a retailer’s website. While the threat of card fraud is…
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Living with credit, Research, regulation, industry reports

Would you spend or save a small windfall?

If you were given $500, no-strings-attached, what would you do with it? Splurge on a round-trip plane ticket to Hawaii? Buy a new sofa? Head to the mall? If you’re like most people, you may feel tempted by the lure…
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Citi’s fee refund puts spotlight on penalty charges

Citi’s decision to voluntarily refund more than $330 million in fees to cardholders has penalty rates back in the news, but the fact is, you can avoid high interest rates and late fees that are triggered when you don’t pay…
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How credit card text alerts can curb overspending

Credit card text alerts aren’t just useful for catching fraud. These text alerts, as I’ve found in recent weeks, also can help you be more mindful of your money and combat overspending. Each time I receive a text alert notifying…
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