Kimberley Carmona

Kimberley Carmona is a staff writer for who joined the editorial team in June 2016.
Carmona was previously a content producer for GateHouse Media. She is a 2015 journalism graduate from the University of Texas at Austin. Growing up, her parents used to tell her to not use money that she didn’t have. She doesn’t always follow that advice, but hey, she is learning.
She’s a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Longhorns and San Antonio Spurs. She’s a foodie, loves pop culture and enjoys a good slice of pizza with a glass of lemonade. She enjoys using hashtags and reading about tech.

Posts by Kimberley Carmona

Living with credit

Halloween expenses shouldn’t be scary

Don’t let Halloween haunt your bank account. From pumpkin carving to haunted houses, there are plenty of Halloween festivities for people to enjoy, but beware the prices. For example, when I was a sophomore in college, I was searching for…
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Living with credit, New products

Amazon Subscribe and Save can save … sometimes

I hate going to the grocery store. I am just not patient enough to wait in line to purchase things such as laundry detergent or to find and use store coupons. To save myself trips and money, I started using Amazon’s Subscribe…
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Living with credit, Protecting yourself

How a dating budget can save your love life

When I started my first full-time job, I kept a strict budget to make sure I could pay my bills, student loans, rent and transportation costs. What many people didn’t know was that I also had a separate budget for…
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New products

4 apps to track, manage kids’ allowances

My dad, who worked odd hours, would sometimes forget to give me my allowance. I would have to bother him by phone to remind him why I deserved my $5. Parents don’t have to worry about forgetting to pay an allowance now…
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Living with credit, Protecting yourself

Do you check restaurant receipts? You should

A night out with friends might include savory food, tasty cocktails and a table full of laughter, but getting charged for more than what you signed for can ruin any good memories. I have had that experience. I was with friends…
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