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Lyn Mettler is an Indianapolis-based freelance writer who also writes for U.S. News, MSN,com, and her own website.

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Fine print, Living with credit

Why your credit application was declined and what you can do

You’ve got good credit and want to add a rewards credit card to your wallet. Maybe you’re already planning how you’ll spend that bundle of points from the sign-up bonus. Your application, though, is denied. What can you do? I’ve…
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Rewards, Shopping

Get mom a gift, and you keep the bonus points

If you haven’t yet bought mom a gift for Mother’s Day, you can earn bonus points and miles on flowers, jewelry, some other special gift or even taking her out to brunch or dinner. All you have to do is…
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New products, Rewards, Travel

New cards, new Europe travel options with Aer Lingus and Iberia

Last summer, my family took our very first trip to Europe and all four of us flew entirely on miles. Now, with the introduction of two new credit cards (and their sign-up bonuses), we are making new travel plans. Here’s…
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Rewards, Shopping, Travel

How to earn a Southwest Companion Pass now

I’m a big fan of the Southwest Companion Pass, but changes in April have made it more difficult – but far from impossible – to earn the 110,000 points that will let one person fly with you for nearly free…
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Living with credit, Rewards, Shopping

Airline shopping buttons make it easy to earn miles, points

One of my favorite free ways to earn airline miles and points is by starting my online shopping at airline shopping portals. By simply clicking through to the website where you’ll be doing your shopping, you earn airline points or…
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