Mike Cetera

Mike Cetera is a freelance writer and editor who has covered the banking, credit card and mobile finance beats for a number of personal finance websites. In a former life, he served as the editorial director for a collection of four daily and 11 weekly newspapers in suburban Chicago. He lives in Texas.

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Can 5 percent cash back help Whole Foods compete on price?

Like cookies, shopping at Whole Foods is a sometimes treat. This posh grocer has rarely been able to compete on price, so it’s never been my go-to for everyday meal planning. My family shops here typically for special occasions, like…
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Living with credit

Why paying on your credit card due date may be a mistake

I’m a creature driven by one thing: deadlines. Call it an occupational hazard. It’s been a hugely important character trait to possess when it comes to my own finances. I always pay my bills on time because I instinctively have…
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Rate hikes make paying only the minimum more costly

If you haven’t examined your credit card statement carefully in the past few months, now may be a good time to do so. You’re in for a slightly rude awakening. Why? Your credit card interest rate is likely higher today…
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