Mike Cetera

Mike Cetera is a freelance writer and editor who has covered the banking, credit card and mobile finance beats for a number of personal finance websites. In a former life, he served as the editorial director for a collection of four daily and 11 weekly newspapers in suburban Chicago. He lives in Texas.

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Living with credit, Rewards

Sears Mastercard is an odd but good choice for gas rewards

When it comes to household spending, the annual cost to fuel up your car is about as much as the typical household spends on clothing but much more than it spends on cellphone service. In other words, gas accounts for…
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Living with credit

If your ZIP code changes, update all your card info

I’m not moving, but in the eyes of my credit card and utility companies, I may as well be. My neighbors and I all recently received notification that our ZIP code will change effective July 1. The 4 x 6…
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New products, Protecting yourself

When did P2P payments become so ubiquitous?

You know something has crossed into the mainstream when it becomes common among middle-aged folks living in suburbia. One day I paid for things exclusively with debit or credit cards (or on exceptionally rare occasions, cash) and seemingly the next…
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Living with credit, Protecting yourself

Your kid’s ‘Fortnite’ obsession could cost you plenty

If you’re a gamer or a parent of kids of a certain age, you’re probably already well aware of the “Fortnite Battle Royale” phenomenon. This “Hunger Games”-style multiplayer for consoles and PCs is both a curiosity and a drain on…
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