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Melody Warnick is a Virginia-based freelance writer whose work has been published in Woman's Day, Redbook, Better Homes and Gardens and other magazines. Her website is, and she will be happy if never has to see the inside of the driver's license office again.

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Protecting yourself

Personal finance writer, heed thine own advice

You know that saying about the cobbler’s family going without shoes? The same goes for the personal finance writer who never follows her own advice.

Just last week, I put the finishing touches on an article for about avoiding credit card mistakes while you’re traveling. All the experts agreed: Since credit cards do occasionally get stolen, write down all your card numbers, along with issuer phone numbers, and store them in a safe place. “Ooh, smart advice!” I remember thinking.

That’s why I was pretty quick to recognize the irony when that very afternoon, my purse, including my wallet full of credit cards, was stolen from my car at the neighborhood pool. And no, I didn’t have my credit card numbers written down.

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