Ryland Barton

I'm a writer, Web editor, and SEO professional for CreditCards.com. In my free-time I'm an Ultimate Frisbee captain, blues singer and Shakespeare aficionado.

I've worked for KUT News, the Texas Observer and ReportingTexas.com, the University of Texas' digital media initiative. My reporting has covered a wide range of topics from forced relocations in rural China to armadillo leprosy in Texas.

Originally from Kentucky, I got my bachelor's degree in English from the University of Chicago and a master's degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin.

Ryland was a staff writer for CreditCards.com in 2011-2012.

Posts by Ryland Barton

Living with credit, Protecting yourself

Severing the last ties of financial dependence

It wasn’t until I graduated and started paying off my student loans that I felt that final big rip of that financial bandage. I had to radically reassess my finances and come to terms with reality.
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Fine print, Living with credit

Life after deferring my student loans

After two years of deferring my student loans in grad school, I got a full-time job and set up a payment schedule. But I quickly found out that I wasn’t on top of my loans. I thought all my loans had been made with one lender, but I soon realized they had been moved around to different lenders and loan servicers. This is how it happened.

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Living with credit, Protecting yourself

Mom, I’m not a bad son, I’m just on financial autopilot

One Saturday morning this past summer, my veil of financial independence momentarily fell, leaving me ashamed and confused. My mother was unable to finance a new car because she thought I — as her co-signee — hadn’t been making car payments. Since my car payments were left on auto-pilot, I couldn’t immediately dispute her assumption. Turns out, it was fraud, but I have since learned to pay more attention to my finances.

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