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Sally Herigstad answers questions about credit every week for Herigstad is a certified public accountant, author and speaker. She also writes regularly for MSN Money,, and, and has been a guest on Martha Stewart radio and other programs.

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Protecting yourself

6 things ID thieves want from your mailbox

I can’t believe anyone these days would still have an unlocked mailbox. A quick drive down the street near my house, however, shows plenty of old-fashioned mailboxes that anyone could help themselves to, anytime. I used to worry about thieves…
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Living with credit, Protecting yourself

My new BFF who fraudulently opened an authorized user card on my account

When I worry about identity theft, I’m likely to worry about someone stealing my cards and going on a spending spree with them. Or maybe someone would open a new account, using my name and Social Security number. Recently, however,…
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Living with credit

How personal tragedy changed my financial outlook

My attitude toward personal finances has shifted dramatically since November  2015, when a life-shattering tragedy hit our family. As a personal finance writer, I’ve preached for years about living frugally and thinking long term. It’s not that I was stingy.…
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Suze Orman’s debit card: Is it a good thing?

Suze Orman came out with her own debit card this week, called the Approved Card. It’s received a lot of attention — not all of it positive. Some people are aghast that a personal finance expert would push her own product to her loyal following. I have no problem with that. I don’t even mind her making lots of money on it. But it had better be a good deal at the same time.

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