Yasmin Ghahremani

By day, I'm a managing editor at CreditCards.com. In my spare time, I'm a credit card points scavenger.

Credit cards are all about rewards for me. I don't allow myself to carry a monthly balance, but bonus sign-up points and a dedication to plastic-fueled spending have helped finance my budget globetrotting habit far more than I care to admit. (Yes, I'm that person pulling out the plastic for a drink at the convenience store).

I've carried the habit with me while writing about business and technology from all over the US, as well as Europe, Asia and Australia. I've worked for CNN, CNBC and Asiaweek magazine, and contributed to numerous publications including The New York Times, Popular Science Australia and the San Antonio Business Journal. So far, I've found the best market for rewards cards is the US, but I'm always looking.

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Living with credit

Surviving on mobile wallets, Part 2: Apple Pay

In the second of a two-part blog series, CreditCards.com’s Yasmin Ghahremani tries to make all of her purchases for a week using only Apple Pay, the mobile wallet that works with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. By the end, she’s eager to find a dining establishment that doesn’t have fluorescent lighting.
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Fine print, Protecting yourself, Rewards, Shopping

Chasing a 100,000 point bonus: My white whale

There is nothing like a sign-up bonus chase to make you feel like a criminal. I fell quickly. One day I was an upstanding, 750+ FICO scorer. The next, a shifty-eyed drugstore loiterer sharing the modi operandi of money launderers and kidney dealers.
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Living with credit

Moving abroad? 7 tips from a perpetual nomad

If you’re an American moving overseas, be prepared. Along with concerns about language, housing and centigrade temperatures, there are myriad financial details you’ll need to sort out.
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Living with credit, Protecting yourself

Expense tracking apps put me on collision course with Future-Me

When 2013 began, I figured it was a good time for a dose of the personal finance medicine we regularly dish out at CreditCards.com. First step: Determine how much I’m spending every month, and on what.
I admit, the idea of monitoring the minutiae of my consumption patterns sounded painful and not at all cool. I felt myself morphing into a bespectacled fussbudget at the mere thought of it. So to the app store I went in hopes of adding some tech appeal to an otherwise drab task.
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