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Santa, baby…cover my bills?

Emily Crone

New Christmas-themed panties in the juniors department at Wal-Mart have been removed from the store due to complaining parents. What’s all the fuss? The front said of the panties said, “Who needs credit cards…” The booty read, “When you have Santa.” Apparently these mothers don’t want their daughters to think Santa is their sugar daddy.
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Must-have hold ’em/blackjack game so worth all those reward points

I have 18,675 World Points on my TexasExes Bank of America rewards card, which I got for being a TexasEx via a telemarketer to alumni. The card had a low interest rate at first, but it’s popped into the stratosphere. (Don’t ask.) I really want to get rid of that interest rate, and will be calling Money Management International soon for help in getting it slashed. That will mean closing the account, so I might as well redeem the points first.
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Timing is everything for some credit card payments

Connie Prater

What time is your credit card payment due? Yes, not what date is it due (though that, of course, is important). But do you know the cut-off time your credit card company sets for processing payments? For many credit card…
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Can Fed rate cut save Christmas?

Jeremy Simon

While consumers are dreaming of a white Christmas, retailers are thinking black — as in a profitable holiday shopping season. But if a recent item from is correct, the second Federal Reserve interest rate cut of 2007 may not be enough to give retailers the sales lift they need this year.
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