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Free credit freezes are coming – but similar options are already here

Fred Williams

Americans will get free, fast credit freezes following last week’s enactment of S. 2155, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act. Most of the law’s 73 pages soften bank regulations that were designed to prevent another financial crisis…
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Beer vending machines? Yes, they’re a frosty, sudsy thing

Jay MacDonald

Last week, if you’d told me I could dip my credit card into a vending machine and stroll away with a frosty can of beer, I would have assumed you’d been drinking. But as I write this, my eyes (and…
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Micropayments can help you tackle big balances

Kelly Dilworth

Paying hundreds of dollars at a time to your credit card company can feel so overwhelming that it’s tempting to send just the minimum amount due and forget about it. But as any card expert will tell you, that’s a…
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New cards, new Europe travel options with Aer Lingus and Iberia

Lyn Mettler

Last summer, my family took our very first trip to Europe and all four of us flew entirely on miles. Now, with the introduction of two new credit cards (and their sign-up bonuses), we are making new travel plans. Here’s…
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When did P2P payments become so ubiquitous?

Mike Cetera

You know something has crossed into the mainstream when it becomes common among middle-aged folks living in suburbia. One day I paid for things exclusively with debit or credit cards (or on exceptionally rare occasions, cash) and seemingly the next…
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