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Defeat gas pump skimmers with payment apps

John Egan

If you’re like me, you may be a bit freaked out about skimmers at gas pumps stealing our credit card information. These devices continue to pop up at gas stations from Portland, Oregon, to Portland, Maine. Thieves install them inside…
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When one spouse handles the bills, it can spell trouble

Kelly Dilworth

My husband and I divide our financial chores at home, but new research from the Journal of Consumer Research suggests that’s not a good thing. When one spouse doesn’t know what the other is doing with bank accounts, insurance and…
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How a misspelled email address helped me spot card fraud

Rebecca Lake

It’s hard not to worry about the security of our financial information these days. It seems like there’s a new data breach making headlines at least once a week. When it came to protecting my bank and credit card accounts,…
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Fine against Well Fargo: Is Mulvaney’s CFPB changing course?

Fred Williams

The federal government’s consumer financial watchdog broke a four-month enforcement lull on Friday, but one rain shower does not necessarily end a drought. The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau brought its first enforcement action against a company since Trump appointee…
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